Seeing Ourselves in the Villain

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Excerpt from Enough: Celebrating the God of Freedom and Abundance
I want to be the hero.

I read the stories about Moses and Elijah and find myself trying to relate with them. I read about their strong character qualities, and when I put myself into their stories, I see myself as them. Surely, I am the one who boldly stands against the unjust, the one who fights for the vulnerable, the one who relies on God against all odds. I think I see clearly into Scripture.

But I'm near-sighted.

Because sometimes I am the villain. I am the Pharaoh, the Jezebel, the Absolam, the Jonah. I am the one who rebels against God, the one who erects false idols, the one whose pride creates a blockade against God's Spirit. I am the one who thinks I see clearly, but actually has a plank in my eye.

When I read Scripture assuming that I relate most with the heroes, I'm not humbling myself before God and his Word. I'm not allowing the Spirit to speak to me, convict me of my sin, and mature in God's grace.

If I want to see clearly, I have to see myself in the villain as well as in the hero. I have to admit that my vision is impaired and humbly ask God to help me view myself clearly.

The eye is the fastest healing organ in the body.

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