Shabat Shalom

Friday, August 24, 2018

The first time I practiced Sabbath I had no idea what to do with myself (more on that here). You see, I had this misconception that Sabbath meant doing "nothing," a concept that sounded arbitrarily tedious.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Sabbath is a life-giving practice all about enjoying God and the good things he has given us. It's a full-day of doing the things we love so as to be drawn into God's presence.

So what does Sabbath look like? Well, it will be different for each person. 

There is no one-size-fits all for Sabbath. The very last thing we should do is be legalistic and choke out the life-giving things about Sabbath. 

As an example, here's what my Sabbath looked like last weekend. 


I begin my Sabbath on Saturday night. I like to sit at my coffee table and light a candle as a physical signal to myself that my day of rest has begun. My husband and I like to have people over, go for a walk, read, or listen to music together. This past week we had a friend over and played games.


The next morning, I like to sit on my back porch and start the day in God's presence. I'll stay quiet for a while, usually with a cup of tea in hand, and listen/reflect on the ways God was present the past week.

My husband and I then go to church, which has become radically different for us. For the past four years I've been on staff at churches, during which Sunday was another day of work. I've enjoyed this new season where I can enjoy the gathering together of God's people as part of my Sabbath practice.

When I got home from church last week, I spent the rest of the morning in the kitchen making cream-filled donuts. I mean, Sabbath is all about being drawn into God's presence, and what's a better way to do that than through fried sweets? Shout it with me: "Hallelujah!"


In the afternoon, my husband and I head to the park and do some hiking. We love to be in nature. I also really like to draw/paint as part of my Sabbath practice.

As my 24-hour period draws to a close, I start thinking about my work week and doing any preparation I need. I'll make a meal plan/grocery list, write what I need to accomplish in my planner, pack lunches, and pick out an outfit for the next day.

At the close of every Sabbath, I think to myself, "This was my most favorite day!" Seriously. Sabbath is all about taking care of your soul.

Once again, your Sabbath may not look like this, and that's okay. Let's not be legalistic about what Sabbath should look like. It's not a one-size-fits-all.

But if you would like some ideas on how you can keep Sabbath better, this sample from Enough: Celebrating the God of Freedom and Abundance has some practical worksheets to help you access your current rest habits and guide you toward embracing Sabbath as a lifestyle.

Shabat shalom!

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